Snail & slug bait


  • $7.00

Protects plants from snails and slugs

Specially formulated.

For use by people who care about their pets, native birds, fauna and earth worms. Pet and Garden Friendly. Can be used in areas where pets are.

Eco-Friendly : More Effective, All Weather : Safer for Pets

  • Superior control on all snails and slugs including grey field slug, common garden, white, vineyard, small brown and conical snails
  • Long lasting pellets
  • Rapid acting - Kills more rapidly than other baits
  • No smothering of bait - Snails and slugs move away from the bait to die
  • Bright yellow pellets for easy visibility
  • Eco-friendly and compatible with Integrated Pest Management
  • Lower toxicity to pets, and native animals than metaldehyde or methiocarb based baits
  • Non-toxic to earthworms and beneficial insects
  • The active ingredient is less toxic than common salt and is utilized by plants as a nutrient after eventual breakdown of the product
  • Child deterrent added
  • Trialled on more species of Australian pest snails than any other product
  • Economical - best value for money
  • Developed in Australia for Australian conditions