Peter's excel finisher 1kg

Fertiliser - Peter's Excel Finisher N13:P2:K17 + CA5 500 Grams

  • $16.00

Peters Excel CalMag Finisher is a single-tank mix fertilizer that provides plants with all the essential nutrients it requires. It is often used as a follow-up to CalMag Grower, which has a high potassium formula that leads to compact and condensed growth.

Product advantages
Designed specifically for use in soft-water
Healthy growth due to calcium and magnesium
Made from pure ingredients
Chelated trace elements deliver great colour and growth
Has Peters unique M-77 chelating formula

The secrets out this is the fertiliser used by the profesional orchid nurseries, for quick growth and flowering.

For best results. Use regularly, i.e. every- time you water.