Root Extender

What is root extender?

Root Extender is 100% natural. It contains blended mycorrhiza and other beneficial live fungal spores. Mycorrhiza is essential to the germination and the growth of Orchid Plants.


  • Encourages root development – Ideal for potted plants.
  • Root attaching fungal filaments that protect roots and increase moisture and nutrient access to plants.
  • Improved soil structure
  • Larger root network.

Root extender is not a fertiliser, but serves to improve the plant’s ability to uptake nutrients and water. It contains live fungal spores. Root Extender must come into contact with growing roots for maximum effectiveness.

Dip damp roots onto powder or sprinkle onto damp roots prior to planting or repotting.

Mycorrhiza is a fungus that invades the root tissues of a plant and forms a symbiotic relationship with it. The plant benefits because the fungus can digest organic matter that occurs in the surrounding soil, converting it to simpler molecules such as sugars that the plant can absorb more easily, while the fungus is assured of access to moisture.

The more mycorrhizal hyphae there are around a plant and growing with its roots, the more nutrients the plant has access to. This means your plants are healthier, because they are getting more nutrients from the soil and are therefore better able to defend themselves against diseases and pests. In addition to helping plants access more nutrients, the fungi and their hyphae end up creating soil aggregates by wrapping around and joining smaller particles together. This makes the soil more crumbly, with better airflow – both of which are, of course, better for plant health as well.