Tree Fern Orchid Substrate

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Fernwood Soft Tree Fern Substrate is made from a native New Zealand Tree Fern and is soft, spongy and has fantastic moisture holding abilities.

It is an excellent growing substrate for many different plant types including epiphytes, orchids, and ferns. Trials have been conducted in New Zealand on phalaenopsis, miltoniopsis, paphiopedilums and phragmipediums with great results (healthier plants, more root growth and better flowers). Also, the need for repotting is reduced, rather potting on. Less fertiliser was required for growth. Research indicates that Fern Fibre contains a higher than normal level of mycorrhiza fungus which penetrates the plant root cells creating hyphal coils, or pelotons which are sites of nutrient exchange accelerating growth.

It has the ability to retain moisture for a long period of time without bogging and encourages healthy growth. It is also an excellent hydroponic substrate.

Tree Fern Orchid Substrate Bags are available in 2 sizes (40 litre and 10 litre).

All Fernwood Products are manufactured from New Zealand Tree Fern which is sustainably harvested from privately owned forests.

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