CHARCOAL – 10 LITRE BAGS – Fine Grade 0-5mm

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Charcoal is added in to potting mixes to keep the mix sweet and to filter impurities.

Laboratory tests show that charcoal possesses a remarkable ability to:
1. Keep nutrients in the soil and that way increase soil fertility.
2. Prevent decay and can endure in soil for thousands of years.
3. Allow the flow of air through the potting mix.
4. Retain moisture and help in good drainage.
5. Retains (adsorbs) excess nutrients (fertilizer), and release them later when needed.
6. Helps to increase the soil pH.

Charcoal is inert and has the tendency to bind toxins from the metabolism (breakdown) of the organic components of the potting mix, resulting in doubling the life of some potting mixes. For example: sphagnum moss has normally a life span of 6 months; however, with 10% charcoal added, the life span increases to over one year. Pine bark has a life span of about 12 months and again with charcoal added, the life span can increase to two years.

This charcoal is made in Queensland from sustainable sources.