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Nature’s Shield Neem Organic Coir Peat is the superior growing medium that is sustainable, eco-friendly and produces outstanding plant and produce yields. It is made from the husk of the coconut shell, enriched with neem cake fertiliser, which is the natural by-product of neem oil production. Along with the highly porous, water-conserving structure of the coir, neem  provides all-round benefits from slow-release fertiliser to natural pest protection. These superior features make it abundant in advantages over any other growing medium and is certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) as an allowed input for Organic Farming.

Nature’s Shield Neem Organic Coir Peat, as a relatively new product to the market, has been compared with its long-used alternative growing medium, sphagnum peat moss. While they have similar benefits for plant growth, neem coir peat differs in that. It is a renewable by-product of the coconut industry, while peat moss is harvested from peat bogs. Peat bogs are a unique, eco-system which take a much longer time to establish themselves. Coir peat being renewable, eco-friendly and having better water-holding capacity and durability.

Direction of use: Place the block into a wheelbarrow or a container. Slowly add around 22 litres of water for the large blocks and 2 – 3 litres of water for the small blocks, allow it to soak for 5 to 10 minutes. Churn the mix with a garden fork to ensure that the entire mix is thoroughly wet and hydrated. Add more water if required but do not over water. Your planting medium is now ready to plant straight in. The large block makes 70 litres of medium, the small block makes 10 litres on expansion.

Since enriched by organic fertiliser, this superior growing medium is just perfect for terrariums and hydroponics. End users will be able to plant straight in, thereby can reduce the cost of adding extra fertiliser. Nature’s Shield Neem Organic Coir Peat is the ideal growing medium for raising seeds. The unique cell structure of coco peat means it retains moisture and oxygen – just the environment needed for raising seeds. Its fluffy soil-like texture offers superior water drainage and aeration as well as water retention in just the right amount for raising seeds.

Nature’s Shield Neem Organic Coir Peat is the ideal substrate to use for growing terrariums. This is due it its superior water-holding and drainage capacity. The coir provides structure and moisture stability while the neem gives slow release nutrients, making it the naturally better choice for terrariums. It also helps  boosting some of the plant immunity against issues with insects and disease, as it got naturally occurring neem oil